Connecting Changemakers

Relate with diverse social innovators to create synergies and ideas.


Building Leadership Capacity

Cultivate skills to create aligned and coordinated action for thriving systems.


Amplifying Systemic Impact

Enhance your projects by participating in our global learning and action network.

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Weaving Changemakers To Create Systems Change For A Thriving World.

We bridge people and projects in right relation to accelerate social impact.

Acting For Systems Change

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Evolving In Right Relations

All that we do is based in deep care for people and planet. Our approach to change is systemic, compassionate and grounded. 

We are a global community exploring how indigenous and modern mindsets meet in coherence.

Social Impact


Develop your changemaking practice through our 1-1 mentorship.

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The Systems Change Journey

Increase your impact, influence and income in our 8-week program.


Systemic Leadership Intensive

Enhance your leadership approach

in our 3-hour training. 

Our Services

Build your capacities to change systems through ancient and novel mindsets, wisdom and practices.

Co-Create Change

Join us on the 07.06.2022 for our next monthly online session.

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Let's Connect

Our purpose is to support you in enhancing your impact, income and influence as a changemaker. 

What is your purpose? We are here to help you manifest it!

Lets Talk!