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We are a network of organizations, indigenous leaders and social entrepreneurs

At Indigenous & Modern, we bridge the global south and global north through leadership development, community-building and earth stewardship. 

Holistic Approaches for Systemic Transformation

Our trans-disciplinary methodology combines indigenous knowledge, presencing practices, and nature-inspired innovation with modern systems thinking, network leadership, neuroscience and eco-psychology.

To change systems, we need to shift the quality of relationships through cultivating resilient communities. At I&M we provide methods, tools, and spaces to enable these transformations.

Work with Us:

Partners for Systems Change

We partner with corporations, universities, governments, funders, networks, and individuals to shape equitable futures. We offer personalized workshops, strategic consultancy, dynamic keynotes, transformational coaching, and leadership programs.

Adopt systemic, holistic, and nature-based strategies to tackle the root causes of wicked problems

Envision and implement pathways towards social equity and ecological regeneration

Catalyze collective impact through convening, engaging and aligning diverse stakeholders

Build your inner resilience, and cultivate cultures of well-being in your organization or community

For Corporations

Innovating Regenerative Business Models

Your corporation is confronted with pressing challenges that demand transformative action. We guide your organization to develop and implement adaptive change strategies.

For Universities & Schools

Transforming Education for a Thriving Future

Your university or school plays a key role in shaping the actions of future generations. Re-imagine your research, teaching and social impact with us.

Implementing Regenerative Governance

The governance capabilities of your institution can foster a regenerative policy- and decision-making. Lead towards a thriving future for your people with us.

Effectively investing in Transformative Change

Your contributions are vital for resilient societies. Work towards a future where financial institutions restore balance on our planet with us.

Convening Alliances and Weaving Partnerships

We enable your core team, and circle of collaborators to creatively develop network leadership capacity, adaptive strategies, and effective collective action.

Developing Skills to Create Meaningful Impact

You are passionate about creating social impact. We offer you plenty of know-how, programs, and opportunities. Join us to co-create change within our global community.

How can we support you to fullfill your mission?

What other say:

“Indigenous & Modern…"

… made me realize that I was standing as a dreamer not an achiever. Now, I am confidently realizing my vision to become an influential indigenous voice from Africa.

Prudence Abumbi


… helped me to develop deep relations with indigenous leaders. Their wisdom inspires and challenges me in all my systems transformation projects.

Emmanuelle Chiche

United States

… built my capacity to systematically achieve key milestones towards sustainable development. I am more skilled and confident to collaborate with diverse groups.

Nikita Rajput


…enabled me to take the lead in my community, and educate the local population on the importance of nature conservation and the fight against climate change.

Sirri Solange


United for Regeneration and Equity

The Impact of our Global Network:

Our community of practice spans generations, cultures and sectors. Our members innovate in fields such as regenerative agriculture, circular economies, social justice, food sovereignty, and more. We develop systems change projects by sharing knowledge, wisdom, and practical feedback.
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innovators from diverse backgrounds, generations, and in 40+ issue areas, such as regenerative agriculture, climate adaptation, social justice, and more.


for holistic change strategies and policies through shaping new governance, organizing and social impact models and practices.


communities across the globe through capacity building, leadership development, and the facilitation of transformative processes

Our Call To Action:

For People and Planet!

Partner with us to strengthen indigenous rights, center equity, and catalyze systemic transformation. Schedule a free clarity call with our team today to explore how we can serve your purpose, and goals.

Work with us

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