About Indigenous & Modern

What happens when an indigenous elder and young change-makers act in right relationship?

The story of Indigenous & Modern.

Our Story

When we met we set out to realize the purpose of build equitable partnerships and steward global collaboration. We are dedicated to realize the possibility for re-imagining systems through being in right relations. Our deep passion to serve the thriving of people and the planet remains persistent.

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The Backbone Team

We prioritize being in right relationship. We align deeply on our purpose to help create a more thriving world with all that we have to offer. 


Indigenous Practices and Movement Building

Joshua Konkankoh

Fundraising, Marketing & Project Management

Isabel Gennaro

Systemic Strategy, Coordination and Weaving

Adrian Röbke

Konkankoh will support with spiritual guidance, indigenous perspective and his vast expertise in building social movements.

Isabel will support you to raise funds, resource your work and implement heart-centered marketing strategies. She can also guide you through emotional challenges that come up.

Adrian will support you to adopt a network weaving mindset, help to develop skills and bring a facilitative and servant leadership approach to your team.

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Weaving a Shared Story

Do you embrace the practical, spiritual and relational depth that is needed for real change? Then we invite you to join our ecosystem where we can connect with each other, scale innovations, and co-create a new human story. Together, we create spaces to realize new systems.

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Join The Ecosystem

We collaborate as dedicated change-makers who are real about creating systems change. If you want to join the ecosystem for the long term, schedule a free exploration session:

Looking forward to seeing you soon!