Our Approach

Re-imagining Leadership & Collaboration for the 21st Century

Where the Indigenous & Modern Meet

Systems transformation is about addressing the root causes of separation (from self, others, and nature), which keep us locked into re-enacting unhealthy patterns. We cultivate regenerative, holistic and equitable ways of relating in order to create systemic transformation.

A Holistic Approach:

Indigenous & Modern Leadership

We work at the intersection of ancestral knowledge, and contemporary science, and technology. This approach is an indigenous methodology called two-eyed seeing. Through our work, we weave diverse people, projects, and places to create transformative change. We do so by building the collaborative capacity of changemakers worldwide.

Indigenous Knowledge Systems

Fostering Sovereignity and Resilience​

Indigenous cultures have developed respectful, reciprocal, and relational ways of life. Colonialism of the global north endangers and oppresses indigenous peoples, knowledge, and lands. Indigenous resistance, sovereignty, and resilience are key for systemic transformation.

Modern Systems Science

Shifting Extractive Paradigms

Global north colonialism continues to degrade peoples, cultures, and ecosystems. We transform outdated cultural narratives through leveraging new insights into the emergence, transformation evolution of living systems.

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Our pillars

To weave resilient communities, networks and societies, we act along five key pillars:


Well-Being and Resilience

through protecting indigenous rights and peoples, promoting cultural sovereignty, cultivating resilience, and sharing shamanic practices.


Equity and Belonging

by shifting past and present colonial systems of exploitation through restoring right relationships and challenging the status quo.


Collective Impact

through creating learning ecosystems, networks and communities that amplify regenerative practices across diverse sectors, bio-regions, and continents



by exploring earth stewardship and peace-building strategies to protect our planet’s biodiversity and the well-being of all species.


Purpose-Driven Culture

through personal development, reflection and self-discovery to align mindsets, values, and actions towards meaningful contributions.