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Claim Your Power Mentorship

Invoke your original potential and the power within you to contribute to the healing of the planet by doing what you love.


With Isabel Gennaro

Are you truly being who you came here to be?

Are you doing what you came here to do? Are you answering to your soul's calling? If your answer to any of these is no - I have another question for you: Can you imagine yourself working with


What you love +

Contributing to life on earth +

 Expressing your voice with authenticity +

Feeling confident to embody your potential?


If you can then this mentoring journey is for you. 


Just like you, I wasn't born ready.

There was a time in my life where I was lost and didn't know who I was or what my purpose was. To be honest, I didn't feel fulfilled at all. But then I met my Indigenous mentor who made me realize I needed to change my operating system. This mentor gave me the right support, wisdom and tools to change my reality.

Unlock Your Potential

Together, we will move through the behavioral systems through which you create your life, business and all your relationships. Then you shift it through practical exercises.

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Clarify Your Purpose

Learn purpose-finding indigenous tools to connect with your calling and wisdom.

Discover what you came here to do and how to contribute to the health of the planet

“One day,” you said to me, “I saw the su

Heal Into Wholeness 

Release your programming, fears, and insecurities that limit your expression.

Learn how to transmute emotional blocks and integrate your shadows to express your potential.

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Express Your Power

Discover how to share your voice and create transformative projects.

Transform your internal patterns and the way you communicate your gifts, attract and serve others.


Expand Your Service

Serve people and planet by generate more value and abundance and impact.

Create diverse, authentic, inspiring, and transformative ideas and services. 

The Process

This mentorship includes 5 online sessions:

1. Understand your programing and deeply connect with yourself.


2. Create transformation through cleansing and reprograming old patterns.

3. Connect with the Planet and understand why that is relevant for your contribution.


4. Discover your soul's virtue, who you are, and your biggest lesson in this lifetime.


5. Discover your planetary mission and your next steps to realize it.

Invest In Your Thriving and Impact

Transform your way of being through dedicated support, proven practices and a save space to explore your greatest potential. 

Price Per Session

80 Euro 

This price is excl. 19% VAT

Swirling sandstone ravine_edited_edited.jpg

Are You Ready To Dare Greatly?

My purpose here is to serve, so that you can reclaim your power. I will help you to create and live the life your heart desires, feeling good, and relating in a loving way to all beings. If you are ready to dare greatly get in touch!

Claim your Exploration Session

Begin Your Journey

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