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Adrian Röbke

A transformative facilitator and network weaver with a deep dedication to serve the web of life. 

Skilled in creating learning ecosystems through collaborative action.

Weaving Ways Of Knowing For Systems Change

Facilitating community learning spaces that enable change-makers to co-evolve and thrive.

Starting and scaling social impact project through new connections, skills and capabilities.

Creating systemic strategies to engage, weave and organize people and organizations.

Weaving Indigenous & Modern Wisdom for Systems Change

We combine knowledge from the village and the city, the ancient and the new, the traditional and innovative to weave interconnected learning ecosystems and networks that create social impact. Through collaboration we can bring about systems change fully interdependent thriving of individuals, society and nature of today and tomorrow.

The Indigenous

Full connection of humans as nature.

Deeply embedded values of conservation.

Grounded in diversity and celebration of life.

Sustainable for centuries through resilient cultures.

Proven practices for trust and community building.

The Modern

Access to modern technology.

Complex adaptive systems science.

Strategy and organization for complexity.

Insights on how large transitions come about.

Multitude of methods for systems change. 

Dedicated to Serve Human Evolution

Serial founder social change networks with strong focus on weaving relations.

Committed to creating a more equitable, thriving and just world.

Facilitated 300+ learning events and sessions.

Support From a Skilled Weaver

Adrian helps you to adopt network weaving mindsets and skills for transformative change. Bring a facilitative and servant leadership approach to your work.

Work with Adrian

1-1 Guidance Sessions

A save and brave space to explore different inner and outer aspects of your journey.

Systems Change Challenge

Join the our 8-week learning journey to learn from and with Adrian

What Others Say

"Adrian is a constant inspiration for those around him. He is a communicative and open leader who excels at the thing he loves the most: weaving people and social change. His input enhances every initiative, and he always does this with an inclusive and modest mindset." Maria Ruano.

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