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The Systems Change Journey

Become part of a group of change-makers who support each other into new levels of collaborative impact through indigenous and modern practices.

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Collaborate in Right Relationship

Experience mutual assistance, generative learning and impact-minded action. We will support each other to create thriving systems based on right relations.

A Unique 8-week Journey
01. Sep. - 31. Oct. 2022

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For Whom

Visionary change leaders who want to break through into a next level of impact, thriving and service.

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New capacities, connections and courage to shift complex systems through collaborative action.

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Interactive and co-creative journey that cultivates relations, learning and wisdom.

Generate Impact, Learning and Relations

Work through your toughest challenges side by side with social innovators from across the globe. 


For Fire Starters
Launch Early Stage Projects

Start a new project by making your purpose, strategy, and impact more concrete.


For Earth Guardians
Scale Existing Projects

Explore and enact scaling pathways for the transformative impact of your lives work.​

Choose Your Journey

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Overview on the learning formats, dates & times and the application process.

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We are experienced in holding space for inner and outer transformation.

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Pricing system based on equity to ensure accessibility for those who are called to join.

Participate in a Save and Brave Space

Co-create a learning environment that is based in mutual respect and collaboration across differences.

Are You Dedicated To Change Systems?

Join The Journey!

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Social Impact


Develop your changemaking practice through our 1-1 mentorship.

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The Systems Change Journey

Increase your impact, influence and income in our 8-week program.


Systemic Leadership Intensive

Enhance your leadership approach

in our 3-hour training. 

Our Services

Build your capacities to change systems through ancient and novel mindsets, wisdom and practices.

Let's Connect

Our purpose is to support you in enhancing your impact, income and influence as a changemaker. 

What is your purpose? We are here to help you manifest it!

Lets Talk!

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