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We Are Rooting For You

We bring extensive experience in co-creating thriving learning communities and a deep dedication to you as a person, your community and the impact you are manifesting.


Indigenous Practices and Movement Building

Joshua Konkankoh

Fundraising, Marketing & Project Management

Isabel Gennaro

Systemic Strategy, Coordination and Weaving

Adrian Röbke

Konkankoh will support with spiritual guidance, indigenous perspective and his vast expertise in building social movements.

Isabel will support you to raise funds, resource your work and implement heart-centered marketing strategies. She can also guide you through emotional challenges that come up.

Adrian will support you to adopt a network weaving mindset, help to develop skills and bring a facilitative and servant leadership approach to your team.

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For Whom

Visionary change leaders who want to break through into a next level of impact, thriving and service.

Woman keeping in hands wheat, farm in co


New capacities, connections and courage to shift complex systems through collaborative action.

waterfalls in time-lapse


Interactive and co-creative journey that cultivates relations, learning and wisdom.

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