Introduction to Indigenous & Modern Leadership
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Learn the essentials of becoming a transformational leader through combining indigenous wisdom, and modern innovation strategies.

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Strenghten your competencies to collaborate towards regenerative, just, and thriving futures through bridging indigenous knowledge and modern innovation practices.

About the course

You will explore the intersection of indigenous knowledge, life-affirming technologies, innovative governance models, living systems science, social entrepreneurship, and trauma healing. Each module introduces you to conrete strategies, tools, and principles through video content, story-telling, self-directed exersizes.

Deepen Your Contribution to Regeneration

Confront global realities of ongoing oppression, and develop a profound understanding of your role as in championing social, environmental, and cultural change.

Learn from Ancient Wisdom & Systems Thinking

Gain deep insights into the heritage of indigenous wisdom, its relevance in addressing contemporary challenges, and the pursuit of equity.

Transform your Leadership Approach

Learn regenerative leadership principles, and discover practical strategies that integrate indigenous and modern approaches to address complex societal challenges.

Your instructor

Bridging the Global South and the Global North.


Isabel Gennaro

Indigenous Elder & Social Entrepreneur

Weaves collaborative networks to shift colonial paradigms towards regenerative futures.

Isabel’s greatest strength lies in her ability to bring people, organizations, and ideas together. As a natural bridge-builder, she is driven to foster systemic change.

She supported and contributed to the success of over 100 transformative projects worldwide, spanning diverse sectors and regions.

Today, Isabel is dedicated to contributing to the creation of a more resilient, innovative, and compassionate world. 


Joshua Konkankoh

Indigenous Elder & Social Entrepreneur

Weaves collaborative networks to shift colonial paradigms towards regenerative futures.

Konkankoh guides leaders through ceremonies, infusing ancient wisdom into their paths.

He combines digital education with Permaculture principles, environmental leadership, and climate resilience to reduce social inequalities.

Today, Konkankoh co-designs collaborations between young African change-leaders and digital social entrepreneurs.


Adrian Röbke

Network Weaver & Transformative Facilitator

Weaves collaborative networks to shift colonial paradigms towards regenerative futures.

Adrian continuously unlearns harmful colonial behaviours, fosters collaboration, and contributes to equitable outcomes.

He is an official TEDx speaker, serial co-founder of social enterprises, and facilitator of over 500 collaborative events.

Today, Adrian brings expertise in strategic systems thinking, regenerative leadership development, and network weaving.

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