For Funders & Philantropy

Partner with us to strengthen indigenous rights, challenge the status quo, and cultivate right relationship with the earth.

The Role of Funders to Enable Systems Transformation

Your foundation plays a key role in challenging colonial systems, and supporting impact-driven networks. We are a catalyst for regenerative change, working at the intersection of ancient wisdom and modern innovation. Together, we can co-create systemic transformations by building the capacity of communities worldwide.

Unlocking Support, Capacity Building, and Learning Infrastructures

Support a close-knit network of social innovators, that address complex challenges with systemic interventions. Choose to support our efforts across a wide range of sectors, such as agriculture, food, economies, biodiversity regeneration, landscape restoration, education, and social justice. Through Indigenous & Modern, you invest in adaptive, dedicated, and skilled agents of change.


Amplify the Voices of Indigenous Communities

Strengthen our work at the intersection of ancient wisdom and modern innovation. We invite and challenge you to cultivate just relationships with indigenous communities, the land and all living beings.


Support Social Justice, Collective Liberation and Equity

Collaborate with us to dismantle, and unlearn systems of oppression, violence, and supremacy. Together, we create new systems based on right relationships where individuals, communities and ecosystems thrive.


Transform Communities, Systems & Societies

Support practical, on-the-ground initiatives and our global network to foster regeneration. We are working hand in hand with communities worldwide to restore ecosystems, re-imagine societies, and foster resilience for generations to come.

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Organize Networks to Catalyze Collective Impact

Foster deep collaboration between indigenous communities, academia, businesses, and grassroots organizations to transform degenerative systems. Together, we can co-create futures that center justice and holistic well-being.

Key Benefits of Supporting Indigenous & Modern

Contribute to measurable advancements in community well-being, and support collaborative systems change initiatives, and projects​

Invest in interventions that create lasting impact to benefit communities and ecosystems for generations to come​

Foster partnerships and collaborations to amplify our collective power to address complex challenges and drive positive change

Enable us to continually experiment with new approaches to create adaptive and transformative social innovations in ever-evolving contexts

Ensure that your contributions are wisely spent and receive detailed reports on the impact of your support and feedback for your funding practices​

Become part of a global learning community where good practices are shared, enriching your understanding of effective philanthropic strategies

Partner with us in Weaving a Legacy of Impact
Your contribution, whether financial or non-financial, is pivotal in driving the transformative work of Indigenous & Modern. Join us in co-creating a future where ancient wisdom and modern innovation are combined to restore balance, foster regenerative practices, and honor the interconnectedness of all life.

Your Partners for Systems Change

Bridging the Global South and the Global North in Right Relationship

At Indigenous & Modern we have developed deep experience in a trans-disciplinary methodology which combines indigenous knowledge, community weaving and inner development to catalyze systemic transformation. Our core team stewards a broad global network of change-makers, social innovators and facilitators. We are happy to be your guides, partners and collaborators to create a thriving world.


Isabel Gennaro

Global Impact Strategist for Systemic Change

Proposes a deep understanding into power dynamics and decision-making to foster transformation.

Isabel has more than a decade of expertise in supporting and contributing to the development and implementation of transformative projects worldwide, spanning diverse sectors and regions.

She holds a Master’s degree in Leadership for Sustainability from Malmö University, and specialized in Sustainable Finance at Oxford.

Her key skills lie in integrating project management, fundraising, impact finance, systems change and regenerative cultures.


Joshua Konkankoh

Indigenous Elder & Social Entrepreneur

Brings ancient african wisdom into policy discourse and regenerative social movements.

Konkankoh guides leaders through ceremonies, infusing ancient wisdom into their paths.

He combines digital education with Permaculture principles, environmental leadership, and climate resilience to reduce social inequalities.

Today, Konkankoh co-designs collaborations between young change-leaders and digital social entrepreneurs.


Adrian Röbke

Network Weaver & Transformative Facilitator

Weaves collaborative networks to shift colonial paradigms towards regenerative futures.

Adrian is an official TEDx speaker, serial co-founder of social enterprises, and facilitator of over 500 collaborative events.

He continuously unlearns harmful colonial behaviours, fosters collaboration, and contributes to equitable outcomes.

His competencies lie in systems thinking, regenerative leadership development, network weaving, program design and participatory facilitation.

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