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Weaving Ways of Knowing

Bridging Science, Art, Activism & Spirituality

An Online Experience
06. July. 2022 - 2PM UTC

About The Event

Bridging science, activism, spirituality and art is a powerful force for creativity, innovation and transformation. When we navigate spaces "in-between” we can meet each other in respect and create amazing innovations. In this learning session we explore how to build these bridges in a practical way.

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Bridging Ways of Knowing


Together we will explore how to cross-pollinate diverse perspectives in more holistic ways:


The Facilitators

At Indigenous & Modern, we work with our hearts, heads and hands in coherence

to create transformative change.


African Elder

Joshua Konkankoh

Transformative Educator

Isabel Gennaro

Network Weaver

Adrian Röbke

Konkankoh connects technology to indigenous knowledge to create regenerative communities.

Isabel combines ancestral knowledge and new methods to lead for sustainability.

Adrian builds the capacity of multi-stakeholder networks to realize transformative impact.


Sign up and join if you dare greatly, connect from the heart, and learn curiously. 

The event takes place on the 06.07. from 2:00 - 3:30 PM UTC

We encourage you to contribute financially to enable more spaces for change-makers:

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