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Isabel Gennaro

A transformative educator, who helps people to express their original potential, thus contributing to life on Earth. Isabel combines ancestral knowledge and new methods to lead for sustainability.

Isabel Stands for Heart-Centered Impact 

Expertise in emotional work and spiritual growth.

Social Impact and Leadership for Sustainability.

Marketing, Branding, Communication, Social Media.

Project Management, Coordination and Team work.

Supporting Change-Makers Worldwide

Isabel is continuously showing up for many projects, particularly in the Global South. She creates and implements fundraising, marketing and leadership initiatives. Through her spiritual work, she helps people ground in the feeling world and express their whole being and potential.

Support From a Dedicated Impact Strategist

Isabel supports change-makers with hands on spiritual guidance and project management skills. She has the ability to show up fully for you and your project to work through challenges.

Work with Isabel

1-1 Guidance Sessions

A save and brave space to explore different inner and outer aspects of your journey.

Systems Change Challenge

Join the our 8-week learning journey to learn from and with Isabel

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