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Joshua Konkankoh

An indigenous elder and social entrepreneur who combines regenerative education, permaculture, and environmental leadership to reduce social inequalities. 

Broad Expertise Grounded in Nature

Aligning different components of initiatives in ways that are nature-based.

Non-formal education practices that are based in indigenous wisdom.

Leadership development, consultancy and rites of passage.

Guiding ceremony, ritual and spiritual development.

45 Years of Experience in Social Impact

Serial founder impact community management projects, such as an award-winning eco-village.

Committed to reinventing African wisdom`s place in a new thriving global culture.

Guided many rites of passage initiation for youth and change leaders.

Support From an Indigenous Elder

Konkankoh can provide you with spiritual guidance, indigenous perspective and his vast expertise in building social movements.


He has content knowledge in nature-based education, organic gardening, permaculture, food and regenerative agriculture, and youth & women empowerment.

Work with Konkankoh

1-1 Guidance Sessions

A save and brave space to explore different inner and outer aspects of your journey.

Systems Change Challenge

Join our 8-week learning journey to learn from and with Konkankoh.

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