Co-Create Deep Learning

After your application is approved we meet for an in-take session.


The journey then starts on the 01. Sep. 2022. Group sessions are on zoom and always at the same time: Mondays 2PM UTC for Fire Starters and Tuesdays 2PM UTC for Earth Guardians. You also receive access to our online learning platform with content to digest between the sessions.

10 x group sessions (1,5h) - Highly interactive learning session with the whole group.

10 x Peer-coaching sessions (1,5 h) - Self-organized peer support for additional perspectives.

1 x guidance session (1h) - Hands-on practical advice from an indigenous elder.

~ x additional coaching sessions - Receive extra support and attention for your aspirations.

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For Whom

Visionary change leaders who want to break through into a next level of impact, thriving and service.

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New capacities, connections and courage to shift complex systems through collaborative action.

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Interactive and co-creative journey that cultivates relations, learning and wisdom.

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