For Municipalities & Governments

Re-imagining governance, policy making, and societal resilience through indigenous knowledge and modern methodologies

The Role of Governments & Municipalities to Enable Systems Transformation

Your institution plays a key role in shaping policies, regulations, and cultural narratives. We understand how challenging it consider and balance the demands of diverse social groups. By personalizing tools and strategies in our workshops, keynotes and consultancy, we will support you to create thriving cities, countries and bioregions.

Customized Packages for Your Institution

Government institutions often face challenges, such as misconceptions, inadequate funding, and resource constraints, making it difficult to convey the significance of nurturing healthy interdependence within social-environmental systems. This is why all our services enable your team, departments, and collaborative partners to cultivate network leadership capabilities, adaptive governance, and impactful collective action strategies.

Personalized Workshops

2 hours | Max 30 participants

Take the next step in your process of creating resilient governance systems through our workshops, which integrate regenerative strategies, indigenous knowledge, and innovation.
  • Navigate interdependencies between government operations and socio-ecological wellbeing.
  • Cultivate a values-driven approach that aligns with social justice and prosperity.
  • Foster a culture of creativity torespond to emerging challenges and opportunities.

Strategic Consultancy

60-90 Minutes | Max 10 staff members

Equip your staff with the knowledge, tools, and strategies to promote equity, inclusivity, and transformative governance within the institution.

  • Prioritize equity by implementing policies, practices, and resources for equal opportunities.
  • Create environments, events, and platforms that value and respects diverse perspectives.
  • Infuse network science and practice across government operations, processes and strategies.

Starting from 15 minutes

Dynamic Keynotes

Book a dynamic keynote for your conference or staff on how to bridge indigenous, and modern knowledge, methods, and practices for purpose-driven governance systems.

  • Explore regenerative strategies to re-imagine governance practices through fotering strong networks across society.
  • Ignite transformation by cultivating a purpose-driven culture and practical, regenerative approaches.
  • Build your staffs capacity to shift complex systems with creative, adaptive, and holistic practices.

3 hours | Max 30 students

Transformation Process

Experience a fully tailored transformation process that guides your institution to integrate regenerative strategies, equity, and purpose-driven culture to catalyze societal transformation.

  • Customized approach addressing the unique challenges and goals of your institution.
  • Equip your leadership team with regenerative skills through coaching, programs, and strategy consultations.
  • Inspire a transformative journey that unlocks innovation, fosters well-being, and catalyzes change.

Key Benefits For Municipalities & Governments

Enhance your capacity for inclusive governance by infusing diverse perspectives, local wisdom, and community input into policy formation

Strengthen your ability to co-create community-centered solutions that address complex social and environmental challenges

Support the preservation and revitalization of indigenous and local cultures, languages, and traditions within your jurisdiction

Elevate the overall well-being of your community by prioritizing regenerative principles resulting in healthier, happier, and more connected communities

Position your municipality as a global leader in regenerative governance to attract attention, partnerships, and investment opportunities

Promote economic resilience by weaving local ecosystems, which foster social and ecological innovations, entrepreneurship, and engagement​

Take the Next Step: Schedule a Consultation

Schedule a consultation with our team to explore how Indigenous & Modern can support your institution in making a lasting difference. During the consultation, we will discuss your unique needs, goals, and challenges, and tailor our services to meet your specific requirements.

Your Partners for Systems Change

Bridging the Global South and the Global North in Right Relationship

At Indigenous & Modern we have developed deep experience in a trans-disciplinary methodology which combines indigenous knowledge, community weaving and inner development to catalyze systemic transformation. Our core team stewards a broad global network of change-makers, social innovators and facilitators. We are happy to be your guides, partners and collaborators to create a thriving world.


Isabel Gennaro

Global Impact Strategist for Systemic Change

Proposes a deep understanding into power dynamics and decision-making to foster transformation.

Isabel has more than a decade of expertise in supporting and contributing to the development and implementation of transformative projects worldwide, spanning diverse sectors and regions.

She holds a Master’s degree in Leadership for Sustainability from Malmö University, and specialized in Sustainable Finance at Oxford.

Her key skills lie in integrating project management, fundraising, impact finance, systems change and regenerative cultures.


Joshua Konkankoh

Indigenous Elder & Social Entrepreneur

Brings ancient african wisdom into policy discourse and regenerative social movements.

Konkankoh guides leaders through ceremonies, infusing ancient wisdom into their paths.

He combines digital education with Permaculture principles, environmental leadership, and climate resilience to reduce social inequalities.

Today, Konkankoh co-designs collaborations between young change-leaders and digital social entrepreneurs.


Adrian Röbke

Network Weaver & Transformative Facilitator

Weaves collaborative networks to shift colonial paradigms towards regenerative futures.

Adrian is an official TEDx speaker, serial co-founder of social enterprises, and facilitator of over 500 collaborative events.

He continuously unlearns harmful colonial behaviours, fosters collaboration, and contributes to equitable outcomes.

His competencies lie in systems thinking, regenerative leadership development, network weaving, program design and participatory facilitation.

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