Transformative Coaching Journey For Changemakers

Soul-Based Leadership and Collective Impact

I know you feel it.

The old ways are dying and the new are being born. We need radical shifts in consciousness to address systemic oppression and the exploitation of the earth. This coaching journey supports you as a soul-based leader, who builds resilient communities.

Over 10 weeks, you will explore your purpose, and generate clarity from your heart to realize your visions with concrete action steps. Embark on a series of experiences that guide you towards deeper regenerative leadership.

Pillars of the coaching program


Well-Being and Resilience

through protecting indigenous rights and peoples, promoting cultural sovereignty, cultivating resilience, and sharing shamanic practices.


Equity and Belonging

by shifting past and present colonial systems of exploitation through restoring right relationships and challenging the status quo.


Collective Impact

through creating learning ecosystems, networks and communities that amplify regenerative practices across diverse sectors, bio-regions, and continents



by exploring earth stewardship and peace-building strategies to protect our planet’s biodiversity and the well-being of all species.


Purpose-Driven Culture

through personal development, reflection and self-discovery to align mindsets, values, and actions towards meaningful contributions.

Key Outcomes & Benefits

Clarity & Alignment

Gain a deeper understanding of your unique purpose. This will guide your actions, allowing you to align your profession with your soul’s calling. 

Resilience and Fulfillment

As you engage in work that is driven by your passions and values, you will find greater satisfaction and meaning in your professional life. 

Meaningful Impact

Your work will become a stronger vehicle for making a meaningful difference in your community and the wider world.

Our Impact

Creating Societal Transformation and Resilience

Supported transformative projects in biodiversity restoration, circular economy, transformative education, climate justice, regenerative agriculture, and more.

Developed the capacity of 350+ leaders to catalyze systems change through collective learning and project incubation

Fostered personal development and well-being as the foundation for systemic leadership.

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Our participants developed their theory of change, developed organizing strategies, and evaluated their impact. They acquired knowledge to launch and scale social innovations and enterprises.

Our participants have embraced new tools, technologies, and practices to enhance their impact. They leveraged these to create innovative solutions, streamline project management, and expand their influence. We achieved this through extensive project feedback, coaching, and resources.

Our participants completed transformative, inner development journeys. They moved through rites of passage to gain inner strength, resilience and clarity. This led to breakthroughs in their personal lives and projects.