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Social Impact Coaching

We serve impact-driven change leaders to realize systemic changes through collaboration. Gain all-round support for the organization, fundraising, marketing and culture-building of your project.

Enhance Your Changemaker Skills 

 We help you to manifest your purpose, realize impactful projects and engage people.

Work through your challenges with people who are deeply immersed in transformative change 

Regenerate in deep learning encounters that help you ground, integrate and move on.

We Are Rooting For You

With our long standing expertise you can rely on our honest feedback, heartfelt questions and skilled guidance.


Joshua Konkankoh

Isabel Gennaro

Adrian Röbke

Supports you with indigenous guidance, and his expertise in building social movements.

Helps you to raise fund, implement heart-centered marketing and move through emotional challenges.

Develops your network weaving skills and bring a servant leadership approach to your team.

Get support when you most need it

Schedule your sessions on the fly and based on your needs and timelines. Choose who of us to work with based on your main challenges at any given moment.

Invest In Your Impact

1 Hour Session

Work through your main challenges and intentions with any of us who has the most expertise in that area.

50 Euro

2 Hour Deep Dive

Walk through more complex issues in a deep dive where we provide extensive feedback, new insights and guidance.

85 Euro

5 x 1 Hour Session Bundle

 We accompany you through celebrations, breakthroughs and difficulties for a longer time.

220 Euro

Work With Us Through Challenges

This coaching is for you if dare greatly, connect from the heart, and learn curiously. Schedule a free exploration session where we get to know each other and sense how we can best support you:

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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