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Indigenous Wisdom & Systemic Leadership

How can we realize systems change for a thriving world?

Our three hour introductory learning journey is for changemakers seeking to transform societies towards more thriving, justice & regeneration.

Transform Yourself & Lead with Love

During the intensive you participate in a diverse group of changemakers from all walks of life. You will enhance your leadership, develop professionally and learn powerful inner development practices.

22.08. at 2 - 5PM UTC - Online

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Catalyze Change for Self, Community and Ecosystems

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Manifest Your Purpose

Connect profoundly with the intuition of your heart and become more rooted in your sense of purpose.

Create diverse, authentic, inspiring, and transformative ideas and services. 


Develop Your Changemaking

Cultivate your skills to drive change in uncertain times by addressing systemic challenges through collaboration.

Learn how to transmute emotional blocks and integrate your shadows to express your potential.


Act For Systems Change

Deepen your understanding of systems thinking and act from a more holistic place.

Transform your internal patterns and the way you communicate your gifts, attract and serve others.


Weave Impactfull Collectives

Learn about some of the intricacies of weaving coherent communities for social impact.

Discover what you came here to do and how to contribute to the health of the planet

Unlock Wisdom & Act with Clarity

You dive deeper into indigenous & modern leadership mindsets and practices. The intensive comes with a self-paced online course with 3 hours of content, worksheets and bonus material that deepens your learning.


Access the online course and watch the first 2 modules.


Join out interactive three hour online session.


Complete the remaining modules in the online course.


Send us your reflections and join our ongoing support system.

We Are Rooting For You

With our long standing expertise in co-creating social impact we offer you heartfelt guidance and aligned action.


Joshua Konkankoh

Isabel Gennaro

Adrian Röbke

Supports you with indigenous guidance, and his expertise in building social movements.

Helps you to raise to your full potential and power through deep emotional work.

Develops your network weaving skills and servant leadership approach.

Invest In Your Impact

The intensive will help you achieve your ambitions as a transformative leader. It is one of many stepping stones to master your craft. And, to create a positive impact through collaboration. 

120 Euro 

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Join The Leadership Intensive

Our purpose is to support you in enhancing your impact, income and influence as a changemaker. 

We`d love to have you on board and creating a more thriving world together.

Are you interested and have questions?
Lets Talk!

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