Systemic Leadership
& Indigenous Wisdom

Are you living your true calling?

Deepen your path as a transformative leader to realize your purpose and co-create a more thriving world for all in our 3-hour intensive.

Great Leadership = Being Of Service

 Your collaborators can't wait for you to shine your brightness and step into your full potential. We have guided many changemakers to unlock impact, attract resources and be at their best. In our 3-hour intensive you receive our best knowledge and co-create with amazing peers in an interactive format.

11.07. at 2 - 5PM UTC - Online

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Transform Yourself
& Lead with Love


Develop Your Changemaking

Become more professional in how you communciate, engage stakeholders and act in uncertain situations.

Learn how to transmute emotional blocks and integrate your shadows to express your potential.


Operate With A Systemic Mindset

Discover the basics of  the practice of weaving networks of diverse collaborators

Transform your internal patterns and the way you communicate your gifts, attract and serve others.

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Manifest Your Purpose

Connect profoundly with the intuition of your heart and practice to act in alignment with your purpose.

Create diverse, authentic, inspiring, and transformative ideas and services. 


Learn Powerful Practices

Learn indigenous tools to connect with your wisdom. And, dive into modern approaches to social impact.

Discover what you came here to do and how to contribute to the health of the planet

Unlock Wisdom & Act with Clarity

We live in a time of great tranformation and need leaders who act powerfully and compassionately. You will learn how to relate with the depth of your being and from there step into service to the whole. Co-create an exploration of how we can weave diverse collaborators to realize systemic changes.

We Are Rooting For You

With our long standing expertise in co-creating social impact we offer you heartfelt guidance and aligned action.


Joshua Konkankoh

Isabel Gennaro

Adrian Röbke

Supports you with indigenous guidance, and his expertise in building social movements.

Helps you to raise to your full potential and power through deep emotional work.

Develops your network weaving skills and servant leadership approach.

Invest In Your Impact

Join the systemic leaderhip intensive training to help you achieve your ambitions as a transformative leader.

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Ready To Step Up?

Our purpose is to support you in enhancing your impact, income and influence as a changemaker. 

What is your purpose? We are here to help you manifest it!

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