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Unlock Wisdom & Act with Clarity

How we act right now determines if earth remains livable for us and our non-human kin. So, we have shared a responsibility to embody a more thriving expression of being human. This journey will enable you to step more powerfully into your service to the whole.

The Systems Change Journey

Are you ready to deepen your contribution to a thriving world?

Venture into a rite of passage and dynamic project incubator for regenerative leaders. In this journey you will develop your capabilities to realize systemic change in a diverse group of social innovators.

From 01. Oct. to 31. Nov. 2022

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Learn Indigenous Wisdom & Network Weaving


For Whom

The journey is for you if you are a visionary change leader who wants to break through into a next level of impact, influence & income



You will develop new capacities, connections and courage to shift complex systems through collaborative action.

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We invite you into an emergent and co-creative journey in which we cultivate relations, learning and wisdom.

Work through your toughest challenges side by side with social innovators from across the globe. Learn about indigenous practices as well as modern systems thinking.

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Collaborate in Right Relationship

During our time together, you will cultivate your skills as a regenerative leader and develop your project. We facilitate a process that fosters generative learning to deepen your spiritual path and develop your transformative practice.


Kick-off and opening ritual to center your intentions and meet the group.



  • Sessions on Saturday 1:30 - 3:00PM UTC

  • Peer group coaching sessions

  • Online video content


Visionary experience in nature and continuous work on your regenerative project.


Collective and individual time to reflect, harvest and integrate.

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Participate in a Save and Brave Space

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We provide a rough structure that enables us to foster emergence and sense into what wants to be born through us.

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We are experienced in holding space for inner and outer transformation. You are invited to co-create our shared space.

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 To foster equity and ensure accessibility we give out one free seat to a changemaker with low income for each two paid seats.

Together, we co-create a learning environment that is based in mutual respect and collaboration across differences.

Changemakers Love It


Celestine Ostenio

Regenerative Leader in Agriculture

“The journey helped  me to understand my space as a change maker by networking, learning and sharing my experiences. Now, I now understand that I have a space to make mistakes, pace back and re-strategize to keep moving forward."

Join A Vibrant Ecosystem

We went on The Systems Change Journey three times already. All participants had breakthroughs in their personal and professional development.

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Invest Yourself & A Regenerative Future

The journey will help you achieve your ambitions as a transformative leader. If you join, it will be a significant stepping stone to master your craft. 

990 Euro 

Are You Interested In Participating?

Get in Touch!

Let`s meet to see if the journey fits for you right now:

If it does, great! Then you can reserve your place:

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