It`s Tough To Be A Changemaker

If you are working to change systems, you know how it is: Never ending practical challenges and confronting inner processes are the norm. 


We get it!

This is why we created this 8-week program.

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To Develop Systems That Work For All,

We Have To Collaborate To Change Them.

The Systems Change Journey equips leaders to create systemic change, foster well-being, and build our collective capacity to address humanity’s most urgent challenges.

8 Weeks - 01. March to 31. April 2023
Application Deadline: 15. March

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It Gets Easier When We Are Together

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We Have Great News!


You can reach your next level of social impact and income. Over 8 weeks you apply new skill-sets that enable you to create the impact with the income you desire.

A Journey For Bold Innovators

This journey is for you, if you you are experienced at collaborating and acting based on your purpose. You work on a life-affirming project, in which you have a lot of questions and practical challenges to move through.


The holistic approach gave me the space to explore the vision intuitively, as well as the collective impact with more stakeholders."

Shawna Snow, Social Entrepreneur

"The traditional and modern wisdom, practices, and perspective helped me greatly on the journey of transformation."
Puneet Singhal, Founder
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The Journey Helps You To...

The Key Benefit:

The Journey brings the work you are already doing to the next level. We know you are busy with many competing priorities. This is why all support systems are geared to develop your leadership, develop the project you love and make an impact.


Inititation of The Heart

 Through ancient practices you gain more clarity about your souls mission and planetary contribution. You go through deep spiritual inquiry to realize the wisdom of your heart.

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Indigenous Wisdom

You will walk in the footsteps of wisdom keepers and learn with an indigenous elder. Dive deep into ancient mysteries of interbeing, community-building and regeneration.


Network Weaving

Apply cutting edge systems thinking approaches to develop your initiative. You will develop new capacities to shift complex systems through collaborative action.

...apply a mix of indigenous and modern practices to develop the project you love. Overcome the practical challenges in your work while being nurtured in a diverse group of peers.


Invest in Yourself & A Regenerative Future

990 Euro 

Only 2 Seats Left!

Here Is How It Works:

We convene a group of indigenous leaders, social innovators and entrepreneurs
for 8 Weeks - 01. Oct. to 19. Nov. 2022


1. We meet at weekly sessions each Saturday 1:30 - 3:00 PM UTC. You set intentions for the upcoming week.

2. You then set out to
do your work: Build your initiative through engaging with your collaborators.

3. In weekly
peer coaching sessions, you bring your current challenges to receive feedback and advice.

Additionally, you get access to
40 minutes of exclusive video content per week.

We Are Rooting For You


Indigenous Practices and Movement Building

Joshua Konkankoh

Fundraising, Marketing & Project Management

Isabel Gennaro

Systemic Strategy, Coordination and Weaving

Adrian Röbke

Konkankoh will support with spiritual guidance, indigenous perspective and his vast expertise in building social movements.

Isabel will support you to resource your work and implement marketing strategies. She guides you deeper into your feeling world to realize your potential.

Adrian will support you to adopt a network weaving mindset, help to develop skills and bring a servant leadership approach to your team.